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Kannolo, a pure-KDE Fedora Remix

It has been a long time since my last blog post, but that does not mean I stopped doing Fedora-related development. Today, I would like to announce a new project of mine that I had been silently working on for a couple years already. In several cultures, it is customary to make gifts today (in the evening) or tomorrow, so you can take this as a gift for the holidays.

Kannolo is an installable graphical Fedora Remix without GTK+, based on the KDE Plasma Desktop workspace and the Calamares installer. About the name: A “torta fedora” is a Sicilian cake. A “cannolo” is a similar Sicilian sweet with a different shape. The ‘K’ stands for “KDE”.

There is currently a version based on the upstream release 25, and a version based on the upstream release 24, both with all updates up to 2016-12-23. (This is now the third ISO release of Kannolo. The first release was on 2016-12-15.) Only x86_64 images are available at this time.

A distinguishing feature of Kannolo is that it is a hybrid live and netinstall image, powered by the Calamares netinstall module, which offers a selection of recommended (selected by default) and featured optional packages (including developer-oriented packages) to install from the Internet during the installation process.

You can find more information and screenshots at Further information can be found in the release notes.

You can find these (and eventually future) releases in the Files section. Future release announcements will be posted in the News section.