Plasma PackageKit integration approved as a Fedora 17 feature

I am proud to announce that my Plasma PackageKit Integration GSoC 2011 project has been approved as an official Fedora 17 feature.

In other news, I have recently laid the first stone for a port of my work to KDE Frameworks 5, by getting support for a plasma5 namespace into PackageKit.

  1. #1 by Marcos on 2012-03-11 - 11:54:05


    Any progress on porting kde from ck to systemd?

    • #2 by Kevin Kofler on 2012-03-11 - 18:28:12

      KDM just needs to be built without ConsoleKit support, this is now done in Fedora 17.

      The workspace needs more work, I have a preliminary patch at, but it needs testing.

      • #3 by Marcos on 2012-03-13 - 13:01:54

        Is there any functionality loss having kdm without ck? kdm will not support the systemd multiseat stuff until it’s ported, right?

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