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New version of Oxygen (colored) Plasma system tray icons

If you’re fed up of staring at a boring, low-contrast all-gray system tray with icons inconsistent with the rest of your system, it’s time to bring some color into your life, or at least your system tray. 😉 In other words, my Oxygen Plasma (≥ 4.5) system tray icons are for you. Please note that credit for the actual artwork goes to the Oxygen icon theme team, I only did the required format conversions. (On the other hand, if things look ugly, it’s probably my fault. ;))

Today, I have updated the package to include a colored version of kpackagekit.svgz, which contains 3 icons (plus a currently unused fourth one) used by Apper. The icons are again converted from the Oxygen icon theme. So if you were using revision 1 of my theme on Fedora 16 and the gray Apper icon was sticking out like a sore thumb, the updated revision 2 is for you!



Plasma PackageKit integration approved as a Fedora 17 feature

I am proud to announce that my Plasma PackageKit Integration GSoC 2011 project has been approved as an official Fedora 17 feature.

In other news, I have recently laid the first stone for a port of my work to KDE Frameworks 5, by getting support for a plasma5 namespace into PackageKit.