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GSoC is over, but my code lives

The GSoC deadline is now over. I passed the final evaluation and got my payment, still waiting for the t-shirt and certificate though. But the fact that the deadline has passed doesn’t mean I stopped maintaining the code. This week, the telepathy-kde-presence-applet has landed in Rawhide, which made me find and fix a few issues in my GSoC work:

  1. The RPM auto-Provides script got confused by plasma-scriptengine-applet-declarative.desktop in kde-runtime, which has a X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name different from the X-Plasma-API (the name is qmlscript, the API is declarativeappletscript). The dependency extractor was preferring the X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name, but that name is not used for script engines, only the API is relevant. This is fixed by this kde-settings commit, in kde-settings-4.7-8.fc17.
  2. The data engine dependency extraction did not support declarativeappletscript QML code. I updated the patch to add support for that feature.
  3. The plasma-dataengine-depextractor was passing a relative path to KDesktopFile, which misinterpreted it as relative to applnk rather than to the current directory. I fixed the patch to use QDir::absoluteFilePath instead of QDir::filePath.
  4. The plasma-dataengine-depextractor was requiring the user or script calling it to explicitly pass the scripting API/language used through an --api argument. That information is already provided by the .desktop file, which is required anyway, so I dropped the useless parameter and changed the code to detect the scripting API automatically. (If anybody is already using the plasma-dataengine-depextractor: please just remove any -a language or --api language argument you’re passing, it is now all detected automatically.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to build the updated data engine dependency extraction patch into Rawhide yet because the kdelibs build fails due to an unrelated issue with isnan.

UPDATE: glibc has been fixed in Rawhide, and kdelibs-4.7.1-4.fc17 was built successfully.


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