Plasma/RPM/PackageKit GSoC work now in Rawhide

My GSoC 2011 work has now fully entered Rawhide, i.e. what will eventually become Fedora 17 and later.

The PackageKit portions of the work have already been in Rawhide for a while:

I have just imported the remaining portions of the work into Rawhide:

  • kde-settings-4.7-4.fc17 includes the RPM dependency generators.
  • I have rebuilt kdelibs, kdebase-runtime, kdebase-workspace and kdeplasma-addons to pick up the new Provides. Other packages will automatically pick up Provides and script engine Requires the next time they are rebuilt. (For data engine Requires, you will want to run the new plasma-dataengine-depextractor in kdelibs-devel during the build process, unless/until the upstream metadata.desktop includes an X-Plasma-RequiredDataEngines entry.)
  • kdelibs-4.7.0-3.fc17 includes all the libplasma portions of my GSoC project (as backported patches).

The new features should now be fully testable in Rawhide.

Update: I built kde-settings-4.7-5.fc17, which fixes showstopper bug #732271. (I also fixed a related issue in libplasma in kdelibs-4.7.0-4.fc17, but that fix should not be strictly required because the only thing I use Plasma::PackageMetadata::serviceType() for is to figure out the precise type of script engine to verify the presence of, and if I don’t have a service type, I just conservatively look for any script engine for the language, which should be fine as they tend to be packaged together anyway.)

  1. #1 by Oliver on 2011-08-21 - 11:46:01

    Thanks for your work =)

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