Small API change to the PackageKit support for Plasma service lookup

Richard Hughes requested a small change to the PackageKit session API used to look up Plasma services before accepting the added function upstream: instead of a dedicated InstallPlasmaResources method, the org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Modify D-Bus interface got a generic InstallResources method, which allows installing all the existing resource types as well as Plasma services, and any other resource types added in the future. It takes a type parameter, which must be set to "plasma-service" in our case.

With those tweaks, the PackageKit change and the gnome-packagekit change are now committed to upstream git. For Apper (KPackageKit), which is our main target, there is a patch for Apper master on Review Board and a backport for KPackageKit 0.6.x on the packagekit mailing list. Hopefully, Daniel Nicoletti will have some time to review the patch soon. If not, he suggested on IRC that I can just commit the patch as is and he’ll refactor it later if needed, so that’s my fallback plan.

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