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GSoC 2011 Proposal Accepted

I have been notified today that my proposal was accepted! I’m looking forward to working on KDE Plasma Dependency Generation and PackageKit Integration during the summer. As posted in a previous blog post, my full proposal (minus telephone number) can be found in the Fedora Wiki.


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Submission deadline passed

So the submission deadline has now passed. I proofread my proposal again today and decided it was fine as is.

Now I have to wait a little more than 2 weeks for the notification of the results (hopefully acceptance).

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Proposal submitted

I submitted a first version of my proposal. The submitted proposal (without my telephone number ;-)) can be found at:

The title of my proposal is: KDE Plasma Dependency Generation and PackageKit Integration.

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Google Summer of Code 2011

I’m applying to participate as a student in the Google Summer of Code 2011, with Fedora as the mentoring organization.

If accepted, this blog will cover the progress of the project.

Expect more information (proposal etc.) to be posted soon.

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